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Tap-Rack Tactical Law Enforcement NVG Instructor Course
07/15/2024 - 07/19/2024
16:00 - 01:00
Corpus Christi, TX 78410
Region 3
4 of 14 seats taken

About the Course:

TTPOA and the Corpus Christi SWAT Team will be hosting Tap-Tack Tactical for a 5-Day NVG Instructor Course for Law Enforcement Personnel. 

This course is designed to cover all aspects of training team members to engage threats under NVG, Case Law, Discrimination, DT, developing training programs for the team and determining when the team is actually ready to use NVG on missions.

Throughout the 5 days, students will conduct various live fire exercises designed to develop the skills needed to perform under low-light/no-light conditions. Students will also go offsite to gain experience utilizing NVG’s in real-world structures and learn the capabilities and limitations of NVG equipment.

Instructor Information:

Bill Blowers served in the US Army for 6 years and has been a Police Officer for over 25 years. He has spent the bulk of his LE career assigned to SWAT holding positions as a Sniper, Ballistic Shield Man, Mechanical/Ballistic Breacher, Assistant Team Leader and Team Leader on a large and busy regional SWAT team. 

He has planned or participated in approximately 1500 missions, he has over 5000 hours of documented training time, and holds instructor certifications in a variety of SWAT related topics. Bill is passionate about what he does and is driven to provide relevant and up to date training. 

Equipment Needs

·         Rifle / Subgun

o   1500 rounds of ammunition. 3 magazines minimum, 5 dummy rounds.

o   Rifle Mounted IR Illuminator/Laser – Laser should be Visible AND IR

·         Duty Pistol

o   1000 rounds of ammunition, 3 magazines minimum, 5 dummy rounds

o   IR/White pistol light or dedicated white light on the handgun

·         NVG & Helmet with mount. (Make sure the two interface please)

·         Simunition Upper/Bolt for your carbine.

·         250 Rounds marking cartridge for your primary weapon and 50 for your secondary. (If you don’t have pistol conversions, it’s no problem)

·         Appropriate duty belt with mag pouches.

·         Body armor. With load bearing vest, carrier, chest rig or whatever to carry extra magazines and full-face gas-mask.

·         Eye and Ear Protection

·         5 Chem Lights, any color. Visible, not IR

·         Head Lamp or helmet light

·         Anti-Fog / Cat Crap

·         Lens Paper/Cloth

·         10 of your teams qualification targets.

·         Training TQ and Pressure Dressing

·         Spare batteries for optics, lasers and lights.

·         Training Flex Cuffs