2024 Sniper Competition
Friday, August 30 - Saturday, August 31

2024 TTPOA Sniper Competition

Registration opens May 1st (LOG IN TO REGISTER)

Cost is $150 a team.

Conroe/FBI Training Facility, Texas

Limited to 25 teams (one team per agency till 30 days out, July 31st)

The TTPOA Sniper Competition is a two day event that invovles 2 person teams.  Out of state teams are welcome.  The goal is to bring snipers together for a skill specific competition while allowing teams to network and learn from each other.  The team requirements are one sniper with a percision rifle and one spotter with a .223/556 platform.  The spotters optic is limited to 10x power or less.  This competition is designed to challenge law enforcement/military snipers with challenging courses of fire. The events will require the team to communicate with each other to make shots from different distances and positions.   These events are meant to be tough and physically demanding, but realistic.  Whether you are a new shooter or a seasoned one, your team will leave the competition with new knowledge and training hours. 

Host Hotel:

Hyatt House - Shenandoah

Room Rate:  $122.00

For Reservations:  

Susan Fillbrandt



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Conroe, TX 77304

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