TTPOA Membership
To become a member of the TTPOA a person must meet one of the following criteria:
  1. Be in good standing with their agency and currently employed as a Texas Peace Officer according to Article 2.12 of the Texas CCP or a Law Enforcement Officer with arrest powers as defined by the laws of that state.
  2. Federal Law Enforcement Officers with arrest powers.
  3. Individuals formerly employed as any of #1 or #2 above who retired in good standing with their agencies.
  4. Active Correctional Officers - local, state, or federal. Retired or former correctional officers are not eligible.
  5. Active Duty or Reserve Military personnel. Retired or former military personnel are not eligible.
  6. Non-LE personnel, such as Fire, EMS, surgeons or other medical personnel, negotiators, etc who are in good standing with their agency and directly support SWAT teams during operations are eligible to become members. All persons in this category shall be vetted in writing (letter or official email, sent to by an authorized member of the team they support. Membership will be discontinued when that individual ceases to support that team. Refunds will not be issued for unused portions of TTPOA memberships.
  7. Non-LE personnel who have administrative responsibilities for their agency, such as signing Officers up for training and paying invoices. These persons must submit identification showing their affiliation with their agency, and must register with their agency email account.
or be a Vendor who wishes to support TTPOA through:
  • Participating in the vendor show at the TTPOA Conference or Competition
  • Instructing Training Courses
  • Instructing at the TTPOA Conference
Vendors may apply for a TTPOA account, but their personnel cannot become TTPOA members unless they meet other criteria outlined above. Vendors are not eligible to attend TTPOA training, any exceptions to this must be approved by a member of the TTPOA executive board.

All persons seeking membership shall be vetted. This can be done by attaching a clear picture of a current agency ID card declaring their status as one of the above categories with their membership request. This requirement does not apply to Vendors.

If policy precludes copying of agency identification, a follow up email from their agency attesting to their status above is required.

If there are further questions about eligibility, please contact

You do not qualify for TTPOA membership if you are a:
  • Security Guard, private investigator, LTC instructor, etc and do not meet any of the membership requirements
  • Affiliated with a Law Enforcement Agency, but do not meet the above requirements
  • Are not in good standing with your agency
  • Have been removed from eligibility by the TTPOA board

Membership with TTPOA is required for all qualifying members in order to attend training, conferences, and competititons.

Membership fees are as follows:
Regular Membership - $30/year
- For qualifying members working for United States organizations
Foreign Membership - $40/year
- For qualifying members working for non-United States organizations
Team Membership - $200/year
- For qualifying teams working for United States organizations
Foreign Team Membership - $250/year
- For qualifying teams working for non-United States organizations

You will be able to pay for your membership once your account is created, or if you are not a member, a membership will be added to your invoice when you sign up for training.
Choose Your User Account Type
Enter your name as you wish to have it displayed on the website and on your training certificates.
Enter your organization email address if you wish to be associated with it.
Start typing your organization name and select it from the list. If it does not exist you will be able to add it.
If you are a Texas Peace Officer, enter your TCOLE PID (must be at least 4 digits, no letters). If you are not a Texas Peace Officer, enter 000000.
Your birthdate is needed to enter your training hours into TCOLE.
Enter your cell phone number so you can be contacted about training that you sign up to attend.
Upload an image of your agency identification card. Max 4MB. Accepted formats are JPG, BMP, PNG. If you send any other format, we will have to follow up with you through email and this may cause a delay in your account approval.