Mental Health

For full supportive access to a culturally competent team addressing injury prevention, diagnostics, dietician needs, Department trainings, and therapy for you and your family members, visit or call 469.352.7491.

F1RST is a Comprehensive Wellness Program addressing the impact of Repeated Stress Exposure on a First Responder’s overall health, performance, and relationships. Our multidisciplinary team, located throughout North Texas and Oklahoma, consists of a First Responder psychologist, mental health providers, behavioral and child specialists, physical and manual therapists, human performance coaches, an exercise physiologist, a registered dietician, and a research team. F1RST is dedicated to providing evidence-based training, diagnostics, and confidential therapeutic programming that enhances the lives of First Responders and their families. Our team is here to help the First Responder prepare, endure, and recover to preserve quality of life while optimizing organizational health. Contact us today at 469.352.7491 or send us a website inquiry at We look forward to serving you and your family.

American Warrior Association’s Programs

The AWA provides restorative 5-day Men's and Women’s Programs in the mountains of Colorado, California, and Georgia for our military, veterans, and first responders. These faith-based programs are designed to heal the moral injuries sustained while serving our country and communities and allow warriors to rest and repair their souls.

Moral Injury is the emotional, social, behavioral, and spiritual suffering warriors endure after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event that violates their moral values. Warriors often experience symptoms of shame, guilt, isolation, substance abuse, and sometimes thoughts of suicide. Moral Injury produces substantial wear and tear on the individual, their marriage, and family.

Through our faith-based curriculum, group discussion, outdoor activities, and spiritual support, we help warriors confront and overcome the moral injuries they carry. Our programs aim to equip them with the tools to build spiritual strength and resiliency and create a sense of community and purpose beyond their service duties.

American Warrior Association’s programs are free of charge to our warriors and paid for by our generous donors.