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2014 SWAT Competition

The TTPOA is proud to announce that the 2014 SWAT Competition will be held September 18th through September 21st at the Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, Texas. Team Registration is now open and is limited to the first thirty-five (35) teams! Register today to secure your spot at the Competition!  Space will once again be limited, so do not delay!

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Did you know that the TTPOA is not just only for Tactical Officers, but for ALL sworn officers, correction officers, military personnel and federal officers? (just to name a few)


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TTPOA Training Calendar

Course Location Dates
Basic SWAT Tyler Texas 9/07-9/12
Critical Handgun / Carbine Employment Houston (HCSO) 9/15-9/17
Mechanical & Ballistic Breaching ***CANC Tiger Valley 9/29-10/01
Way Of The Gun 3 day Performance Carbine Houston 10/06-10/08
Trident Concepts Combative Carbine 2 Dallas 10/08-10/10

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National SWAT News

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