LWRC International
815 Chesapeake Drive
Cambridge, MD 21613

LWRC International is known for our patented, self-regulating, short-stroke-gas-piston operating system. This system eliminates the venting of hot, carbon-laden gases into the upper receiver and bolt carrier groups, which does away with the intensive cleaning regimen associated with conventional direct-impingement rifles. With our piston system, the bolt carrier group and receiver groups are also not subjected to the searing heat of the trapped gases, which translates into carbines that more reliable and longer lasting, regardless of user maintenance.

LWRC’s IC-DI possesses the same aesthetics, handling, quality control, and attention to detail as the piston-driven IC’s, but at a much more affordable rate.

LWRCI core mission is focused on the relentless pursuit of high-performance firearms; to deliver absolute reliability, consistent accuracy and extreme durability for the warfighter, law enforcement officer and civilian shooter. Using innovative design, disciplined engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and materials technologies— LWRCI products offers the most advanced, the most reliable, durable and best handling rifles and carbines in the world.