Dana Safety Supply
4809 Koger Blvd
Greensborough, NC 27407

Dana Safety Supply was founded in 2005 by a group of law enforcement and fleet professionals and has grown to

become the largest company of its type in the United States. DSS is a subsidiary of Duval Motor Company

and Scott McRae Group (SMAG), a 107-year-old family-owned company that has been in continuous

operation, and under the same ownership since 1916. SMAG employs nearly 1,000 people across

multiple companies in the automotive, finance, and service industries. Each company operates

independently, is its own legal entity, and is headed by its own President and management team, but has

the financial resources and backing of SMAG at its disposal.


DSS directly employs more than 400 people. This includes a full-time outside sales staff of more than 40

personnel who meet and service public safety customers on a daily basis. The inside sales support team

of 11 supports outside sales efforts; and provides immediate customer support along with the

administrative and support staff of more than 100. DSS also employs more than 185 emergency vehicle

technicians. Each DSS location is staffed with personnel who possess extensive experience in the sales,

installation, and service of public safety products. Many DSS personnel are former law enforcement or

military personnel with expertise in administrative operations, budgeting and procurement, fleet

management, patrol operations, special operations, and training.


DSS regularly provides emergency vehicle equipment, installation services, and public safety products to

numerous State, Federal, and Local agencies, as well as to automotive dealers who utilize our up-fitting

services and products. DSS holds and has successfully completed hundreds of large-volume contracts

with major public safety agencies throughout its territory to include Federal and State Agencies in AL,

AR, CA, FL, GA, LA, MT, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, and VA. DSS is also an approved contractor for the GSA and

has a GSA contract for numerous public safety products and also for installation and up fitting services.


DSS builds an average of 15,000 public safety vehicles annually, with a sales volume in equipment and

installations exceeding $200M. DSS has extensive experience in equipment specifications, performance,

installations, service and troubleshooting, and our staff are subject matter experts in emergency lighting,

video systems, radar systems, GPS systems, radio equipment, cages, bumpers, and related bolt-on and

electronic equipment.


To further support its customers, DSS maintains an average of over 60 million dollars in inventory, the

vast majority of that being emergency vehicle equipment and accessories available for immediate

delivery, with or without installation. Many of these products and more can be found on our industry

leading e-commerce website, www.danasafetysupply.com.

The mission objective of DSS is to provide its customers with top-tier products backed by first rate

customer service while maintaining the competitive pricing structure that is necessary to compete

successfully for government contracts. The major emphasis of DSS’ business model are brick and mortar

sales, service, installation, and warehousing operations in every location.

DSS is built around the concept of local service and support, and as such, each location includes a vehicle

uplift shop staffed with local inside and outside sales personnel.