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Ballistic Shield Instructor Program
12/04/2023 - 12/07/2023
Fort Worth, TX 76115
Region 6
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The Tacflow Instructor Ballistic Shield Program has culminated from years of actual operational experience and training evolutions.  A comprehensive look into various law enforcement operations and how best to leverage ballistics shields to increase favorable outcomes.  Our tactics presented are geared toward worst case scenario and everything is pressure tested.  If your agency or team isn’t incorporating ballistic shields into your movement indoors or in open areas, this class will allow you to explore the effectiveness of shield work.

Course Topics

  • Deliberate clearance
  • Low light shield work
  • Threshold management
  • HRT/crisis entry response
  • Window team breaching options
  • Vehicle assault/vehicle hostage rescue
  • Individual live fire skill sets
  • Combative applications

Day 1

  • Instructor intros and schedule
  • Shields in law enforcement overview
  • Dispelling the urban legends and common misconceptions
  • Defensive vs Offensive shield work
  • What makes a good ballistic shield for LE work
  • Running the gun and the shield live fire drilling (empty gun, reloads, malfunctions, multiple targets, on the move and limited pen)
  • Low Light & Low light live fire
  • WML/Laser Intro

Day 2

  • Intro to ballistic shield movement
  • Cornering, open door, closed door, L’s and T’s, hallways, multiple threat areas (opposing)
  • Corner and center fed doors
  • limited penetration and threshold management (intro to laser work & shield)
  • stairs
  • Entire day is technical work followed up with force on force pressure testing.

Day 3

  • Window teams and the ballistic shield set up (Demo)
  • Unknown & known location Hostage rescue and the ballistic shield
  • Vehicle Hostage Rescue and shield integration
  • Combative aspect of shield work

Instructor Certification Outline (Day 4)

  • Students for Instructor portion must be certified firearms instructors for their department
  • Goal is to understand the why and how to- -Build a ballistic shield program
  • How to maintain a program
  • Learning to teach ballistic shield to your department

Gear List

  • Pistol/ 500 rounds
  • Carbine/ 100 rounds
  • 100 rounds Simunition (majority pistol)
  • Duty gear, vest, helmet
  • Eye & ear pro
  • Dedicated pistol mounted weapon light
  • Force on force face & throat protection

Additional Instructor portion

*Students for Instructor portion must be TCOLE certified firearms instructors for their department

  • Pistol / 100
  • Sims pistol/ 40 rounds