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Chris Trapp

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Chris was a police officer with the Phoenix Police Department for 25 years, retiring in 2022.

During his career, Chris was a tactical trainer and ran the department's rifle program.

Last half of career was on the department's full time tactical team, where his responsibility was on the entry team.  Chris was responsible for several programs ranging from vehicle based hostage rescue, less lethal and ballistic shield.

Started "cutting his teeth" in presenting low light tactics through the original Surefire Institute for officers in Arizona.  Also has had the honor of presenting instruction for the NTOA and various other Tactical associations around the country during his career.

Chris has spent twenty five plus years seeking knowledge, learning, deploying in tactical situations and teaching others possible life saving principles in CQB, lowlight and ballistic shield operations.


Upcoming conference courses Chris Trapp is teaching
Upcoming training courses Chris Trapp is teaching