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Red Dot Pistol Instructor
05/28/2024 - 05/29/2024
Houston, TX 77073
Region 2
23 of 40 seats taken

This course is only open to LE Officers, active duty military members, and military reservists.

Red Dots on pistols are becoming more popular as options for carry and duty weapons. Part of mastery is training - here it is!

Topics Covered

  • Zeroing your red dot. 10 yard zero. 25-yard confirmation. Ammo selection.
  • Draw and how to stop fishing for the dot. Why back up irons are necessary
  • Only use the necessary amount of information required to make an acceptably accurate shot at the speed and distance required.
  • Red dots up close. 5 yards and in.
  • The benefits of target/threat focus for CCW and LEO. See more. Process more. Adapt faster. Make less mistakes. Be more accurate.
  • Red dots at distance
  • Speed: Efficiency of draw and presentation. Concealed and Open setups. Speed is the economy of motion. Speed is not useless frenetic movement. Micro Drill training method.
  • Dot tracking: Grip, stance, dot movement, predictability. Stop over confirming the dot!
  • Modes of Practice: Speed mode. Accuracy Mode. Match/For Realz Mode.
  • How to get better on your own. Dry fire for skill building. Live fire for confirmation.
  • Target transitions
  • Shooting on the move
  • Why you should compete
  • Mini match to test skills

Equipment needed

  • Slide mounted red dot pistol.
  • The ability to carry 3 mags (1 in gun, 2 in pouches).
  • Good holster of student's choice. No Serpas. No old leather holsters.
  • 600+ rounds of reliable ammo
  • Eye pro, Ear pro
  • Open Mind