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RDS Instructor - Reticence Group
11/27/2023 - 11/29/2023
Lewisville, TX 75057
Region 6
14 of 18 seats taken

The goal for this course is to teach officers how to effectively operate and instruct others in the operation of a RDS equipped handgun.  You will learn how to identify, correct and “troubleshoot” others. This is not a shoot tiny groups or “standards” class.  This is not a class where you show up, shoot for a couple days and walk away with an “Instructor Certification.” We will push the limits and find where you can truly operate the handgun.  You will push to failure and by doing so learn where common failures occur, identify their causes, spot them in other shooters and learn when and how to correct them in your personal training as well as in students you instruct. Strong emphasis will be placed on the handful of foundational things necessary to put bullets where you want them with a high degree of speed and accuracy.  This class is not for those looking for style points or to impress people on social media.  There will be structured and graded teach backs which will include demos.   If you are serious about your RDS program at your agency or are working to approve RDS equipped pistols at your agency then this class is for you


Topics Covered

  • Program set up/maintenance
  • Common RDS Issues – how to mitigate them internally and within your chain of command
  • Equipment selection – pros/cons of what’s currently available
  • Zeroing your red dot
  • Draw/Presentation/Index
  • Seeing enough and applying what is needed to hit at different distances
  • Common issues when learning to shoot a RDS equipped pistol
  • Optic failure drills
  • Shooting at the speed of sight and just how important vision really is
  • Dot awareness:  dot movement, and repeatability.
  • Learning how the handgun is predictable and how to keep the variable (you) from over influencing the gun.
  • Common errors, what causes them and the corrections that need to be made.etc

Equipment needed

  • RDS equipped handgun and at least 3 magazines.  Sturdy belt & holster
  • Uncle Mikes and Serpa holster/gear will NOT be permitted.  
  • 1300 rounds of reliable ammo.
  • Ear and Eye Pro
  • Back up RDS equipped gun if available
  • Food/snacks/water