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Richmond, British Columbia V6V1J2

FIRSTLOOK is the specialized products division of Agility Technologies Corp, dedicated to providing cutting-edge rescue and tactical solutions. Our flagship product, FL360, is a game-changing advancement in tactical search camera technology. Unlike conventional articulating cameras used in the field, the FL360 is purpose-built for adaptability in diverse search scenarios beyond typical urban search and rescue operations.

FL360 offers a tactical advantage in various high-stakes situations. Imagine peering into hidden attics or concealed spaces in pursuit of narcotics or illegal contraband, rapidly descending into vertical spaces for swift reconnaissance, inspecting commercial vehicles for potential threats, warrant and suspect capture, surveilling second-floor windows discreetly. What sets FL360 apart is its ability to capture a comprehensive 360° view of these environments, empowering law enforcement personnel to gather critical visual intelligence.

In the field, FL360 is a force multiplier, enabling law enforcement agencies to enhance their tactical capabilities and maintain a decisive edge in real-world operations.