Con10gency Consulting
17170 Jordan Rd. Ste. 404
Selma, TX 78154

The Con10gency™ mission is to provide our clients the necessary tools to be self-reliant in a time of crisis. Our experts have decades of experience in law enforcement, EMS, and fire; insight we use to tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs. We were founded by a former Marine and police officer, making us uniquely positioned to offer enhanced first aid training and equipment to our first responder and military customers.
All Con10gency classes incorporate mental preparation, emergency action response training, and the tools needed to save a life.
No solution is complete without the tools necessary to support the mission, which is why we partner with industry leaders to provide the best in pre-hospital medical supplies, WMD bags, active shooter response gear, ballistics and fragmentation protection, and respiratory protective equipment.We’re an authorized distributor for: Avon Protection, Team Wendy, QuikClot, North American Rescue, Paulson Manufacturing, Phokus Research, Eleven 10, Safeguard Medical, TacMed Solutions, Zoll AEDs, GH Armor
The Con10gency solution provides: Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Tactical First Aid (TFA), Rescue Task Force (RTF) training (multi-agency coordinated response), Emergency response to active shooter scenarios, Mental tactics curriculum, Personal ballistic protection equipment (body armor, helmets & shields), CBRN protection solutions (gas masks, protective ensembles, & integrated kits), Instructor development classes