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NVG Shooting and CQB Instructor
12/04/2023 - 12/06/2023
16:00 - 00:00
Atascosa, TX 78002
Region 1
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This 3-day course will focus heavily on the necessary individual operator and team leader level skill sets to successfully conduct Close Quarter Battle (CQB) tactical operations with a heavy emphasis in the use of NODs (Night Optical Devices) and NVG (Night Vision Goggles). This course will explain the major tactical differences between deliberate and dynamic CQB to help determine which method should be used for different types of law enforcement operations for the scenario they are faced with, and how the utilization of NVG can help mitigate risk to the officers. A wide range of individual and team techniques will be taught to ensure the officers are prepared for a wide range of CQB operational challenges in mixed lighting conditions. Participants will also understand the “Hybrid” clearance concept in certain situations where deliberate and dynamic CQB tactics are morphed together to provide the officer the best chance for success in a chaotic high-risk scenario, especially when operating in low light to mixed light environments. This course will heavily focus on the characteristics, advantages, and limitations for using NODs/NVGs during tactical domestic law enforcement operations.

Training objectives covered

  • Equipment set up to include primary, secondary, and tactical gear
  • NODs/NVGs characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages
  • Weapon systems set up and employment utilizing NODs/NVGs
  • Basic to advance weapons handling for CQB operations while using NODs/NVGs
  • NVGs and NODs set up, sight in, and tactical implementations.
  • Basic to Advanced Rifle and Pistol shooting drills and standardization testing for departmental implementation utilizing NVGs/NODs.
  • Threat Identification and De-Escalation Techniques Utilizing NVGs/NODs
  • Basic to advance accuracy and weapons handling for CQB operations under mixed light conditions
  • Static live fire CQB shooting techniques and skill sets (Range Day)
  • Live fire shooting through doorway techniques and skill sets (Range Day)
  • Live fire shooting around barricades (Range Day)
  • Priority of threats
  • CQB team movement flow for each type of CQB Technique under NODs/NVGs (Sim House)
  • Basic to advanced room entries techniques for Deliberate CQB utilizing NODs/NVGs (Sim House)
  • Basic to advanced room entries techniques for Dynamic CQB utilizing NODs/NVGs (Sim House)
  • Bangs/Crash procedures and implementation utilizing NODs/NVGs (Sim House)
  • (Sim House)
  • CQB Tactical Verbiage and Calls (Sim House)
  • Team Leader Level Methodology and Flow of the Clearance
  • Force on Force Scenarios utilizing NODs/NVGs (Sim House)

Schedule (More Specific Details to Follow)

Day 1- Live Fire static and dynamic range

Day 2- CQB Simmunition

Day 3- CQB Simmunition

Gear List

  • Tactical Vest and Helmet with helmet mounted NVGs
  • Tactical Belt with holster and appropriate pouches
  • Primary weapon system with IR laser system with min of 4x magazines
  • Primary weapon system sling
  • Secondary weapon system with white light and min of 3x magazines
  • Tactical Clothing/Rain Jacket and footwear for live fire range (And Weather Appropriate)
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Long sleeve shirt and gloves
  • 500 rounds primary weapon system (Live)
  • 250 rounds secondary weapon system (Live)
  • 250 rounds primary weapon system (Sim)
  • 100 rounds secondary weapon system (Sim)
  • Spare batteries for each optic
  • Handheld light
  • Tactical Gloves
  • Range Chair (Optional)
  • Drinks/Snacks


James Ybarra is the POC for this course.  

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