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Advanced Hostage/Crisis Negotiator
02/26/2024 - 02/27/2024
08:00 - 17:00
Houston, TX 77041
Region 2
31 of 45 seats taken

This two-day advanced negotiation class is for police crisis (hostage) negotiators who have already passed a 40-hour basic certification course. Day one will begin with some callout debriefings, then review basic (active listening) and advanced (influence and persuasion) negotiator skills, and then will use callout debriefings from the instructor’s past experience as examples. Day two will cover the advanced topics of negotiating with different psychiatric conditions, and will focus on negotiating with those who are personality disordered and/or empathy impaired. A 15-hour hostage standoff debriefing from the instructor’s past experience will serve as an example.

Who should attend

  • HNT Personnel
  • Command Post/Tactical Command Personnel
  • Tactical Team Leaders

Topics to be covered

  • Debriefs from a command post perspective to include Tactical/HNT components
  • Coaching/being the secondary
  • The Basics (Paraphrasing, Emotional Labeling, Effective Questions)
  • Influence and Persuasion
  • Takeaways from how the UK/Scotland train negotiators
  • Negotiating with people who are experiencing mental crisis episodes
  • When all the parts work together – Negotiator and SWAT Operator Research Results
  • Structured Brainstorming
  • Negotiating with Terrorists and Active Shooters

Equipment needed

  • General Note-taking Material