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Sniper 101 - Basic Sniper Certification Course
05/13/2024 - 05/17/2024
08:00 - 17:00
Tyler, TX 75702
Region 8
15 of 18 seats taken

The Basic Sniper Course introduces students to the fundamentals of precision marksmanship. The overall course will focus on developing a solid foundation in the basics of utilizing a precision weapon system and functioning in the role of a law enforcement sniper.

Topics Covered:

Precision Rifle nomenclature and setup

Fundamentals of rifle shooting

Ballistics and intro to ballistic apps

 Mil/MOA measurements

 Zeroing procedures

Positional shooting Tripod utilization

Equipment selection

 Legal liabilities and case law

Hide construction

Cold bore and target analysis

Range estimation

Stress shooting

TCOLE Qualification

PREREQUISITES: All students are required to be either current law enforcement or active-duty military assigned to a tactical unit and in good standing. Students must be able to provide valid agency credentials on the first day. This course will entail some physical activity, so students must be physically fit. *NOTE* One of the days will start later and run into the evening hours, allowing for low-light training. THIS IS A CERTIFICATION COURSE - THE STUDENT WILL HAVE A WRITTEN AND PERFORMANCE TEST AT THE END OF THE COURSE.

Required Equipment:

Eye and Ear protection

Tactical clothing

Inclement Weather gear

Precision rifle capable of shooting a 1" group or less from 100 yards.

Bolt or semiautomatic action with any one of the following calibers: .308, 6.5, .223 or 5.56.

Rifle Sling


Rear Stock Bag

Data Book

Cleaning Kit

Note taking material.

Range Finder

Tripod Sniper pack or drag bag.

Match grade ammo: 400 rounds (minimum)

Optional Equipment:

Shooting mat


Bug spray

Camouflage and hide equipment


Spotting Scope

 Contact instructor with questions or the Regional Director, Mike Saxion