Training Name: Specialty
Course Name: Ballistic Shield Instructor
Dates: 03/25/2024 - 03/28/2024
Venue: Bexar County Fire Arms Training Center
San Antonio, TX 78223
Price: $1150
Instructors: Chris Trapp
Course Description:

Law Enforcement Only

This 4 day program is designed to provide law enforcement personnel with the knowledge and skill sets needed to deploy a ballistic shield in support of law enforcement operations. Students will receive comprehensive instruction on ballistic shield deployment methodology, in both interior work and open air situations.

Course Topics

Course Duration

4 day/ 40 hours instructor course

Class Requirements

Day 1 will be live fire. Be sure to bring ammo, eye and ear protection.

Both daytime and low light shooting.

Hours are Noon - 2200hrs

Days 2-4 will be 0800 - 1800hrs.  You will get a complete schedule on Day 1.

Training Description:

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