Training Name: Instructor
Course Name: LE Sniper Instructor
Dates: 03/25/2024 - 03/29/2024
Venue: McGloin Ranch
Swinney Switch, TX 78368
Price: $1250
Instructors: Sean Harris
Course Description:

The TTPOA is proud to host Sean Harris with Sierra Tango in offering this Law Enforcement Only Sniper Instructor Course with the goal of providing current LE snipers with the tools and information to train and develop sniper programs.

This class is an intense Law Enforcement course designed to assist with preparation of seasoned police snipers in developing a curriculum and foundation for teaching the basics to their sniper teams.  The primary goal of the Sniper Instructor Course is to enable students to safely instruct and train fellow officers in the use of the sniper rifle, scope, ammo, fundamentals, range safety, methodologies of instructing, how to test/evaluate students, set up range drills/quals and coaching techniques.   There will be max participation through teach backs involving shooting/teaching skills within the classroom and on the range.  Students will develop two complete sets of instructional media they can take with them to kickstart their own LE Basic Sniper Course.  Upon completion of this course, students will have necessary tools to take back to their teams to begin building a curriculum for sustaining/developing new police snipers for their sniper program.  


This is a 5 day 50-hour TCOLE-eligible course.


Training begins at 8am March 25th. Exact location will be emailed to students prior to the class. Cost of the course includes lodging on the training site.  Please contact to arrange lodging and confirmation.  


Course Requirements

Equipment (PER STUDENT)

Training Description:

TTPOA believes in bringing in some of the best instructors in the country to share their knowledge and experience. If you have requests for a specific instructor or course, contact your Regional Director.