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2013 SWAT Competition

The 2013 TTPOA SWAT Competition will return to Houston, October 24th through the 27th.

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Tac Pistol Instructor

Date: 10/8/2012-10/12/2012
TTPOA Member Tuition: $300.00
Non-TTPOA Member Tuition: $350.00
Location: Dallas, Region 7 Instructor(s): Kevin Ross
Contact Info: Dan Colasanto, 972 205-2024
Course Details:

The TTPOA and the Garland SWAT team announces that we will conduct a five-day (40+hour) Tactical Pistol Instructor school in Dallas,Texas. The school is to educate the student in instructional techniques that will enable them to be an effective Tactical Pistol Instructor. It is designed for law enforcement officers who have the responsibility of teaching proper deployment, marksmanship, and tactical pistol skills to other officers. At the conclusion of this course the student will have a thorough understanding of instructor development, establishing standards drills, qualification course development, running courses of fire and how to apply these techniques in the classroom and on the range. 

 The first day Class 10/08/2012 will start at 0800 hrs at the Dallas Police Department range located at 3200 Mountain Creek Pkwy. in Dallas, TX.


Kevin Ross is a Senior Police Officer with the Garland Police Department. He is currently assigned as a detective in the Garland Narcotics Unit and is an eight year member of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team. He is currently serving as a Assault Team Member. Officer Ross has participated in numerous real world swat callouts as well as high risk warrants. Officer Ross currently teaches basic, intermediate and advanced Swat Tactics and Weapons Proficiency as well as Rappel and Fast Rope techniques for the Garland Police Department, the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association, and the Arkansas Tactical Police Officers Association. Officer Ross is a police officer with over thirteen years experience and a former U.S. Marine with five years service to his country. He holds several instructor and armorer certifications as well as being a certified TCLEOSE instructor and TCLEOSE firearms instructor. Officer Ross is also an adjunct instructor for Tiger Valley LLC.

Course Topics:


Quickly and safely deploy their firearms.

Demonstrate their ability to safely conduct range operations.

Create, demonstrate, and instruct firearms drills.

Identify and correct common shooter problems.

Create a lesson plan and safely instruct and supervise its execution.

If you are tasked with Firearms instruction, training, or shooter development, this is the class for you. Studenst will be required to make lesson plans and teach several blocks of instruction.

Students must be certified peace officers or active military personnel, in good standing with their agency. Students must be able to provide agency ID on the first day of class.

On the first day a Pre-Test will be given:

The test will consist of a 50 round qualification course. The course will be shot using the TQ-15 target. The scoring will be 5 points for a hit in the box, 4 points for a hit in the outer box, and 1 point for a hit outside the boxes. Shots  not on the silhouette will be an automatic failure. Students must score a 90% ( 225) to continue. Students who fail the test will be given one more opportunity to re-shoot the course. A second failure will result in the student receiving a Certificate of Attendance.

















Starting Position












3 Seconds












2 hand push-off, 3 rounds stepping back




3 Yards




4 Seconds












3 rounds within 4 seconds




5 Yards




4 Seconds





(3 rds X2)








2 body, 1 head X2

Within 4 seconds




5 Yards




2 Seconds





(2 rds X4)









2 rounds strong X2

2 rounds support X2




7 Yards




15 Seconds












Reload drill. 10 rounds with reload within 15 seconds




7 Yards




6 Seconds












6 rounds within 6 seconds




10 Yards




6 Seconds












5 rounds within 6 seconds




15 Yards




4 Seconds





(2 rds X2)








2 rounds from holster





25 Yards




19 Seconds












5 rounds within 19 seconds




Required Equipment


Required Equipment
Pistol, at least 3 pistol magazines, belt with tactical holster, eye and ear protection, 700 pistol rounds.
Payment Instructions/Host Hotel Information:
The fee for the course is $300 for TTPOA members and $350 for non-members. All fees are due by October 1, 2012. There will be no refunds for cancellations after October 1, 2012. Class size is limited. Make checks payable to the TTPOA. Mail registration forms and checks to - Garland Police Department 1891 Forest Lane, Garland,TX 75042 Attn: Lt. Dan Colasanto. To register, contact TTPOA Region 7 Director Dan Colasanto 972-205-2024 or e-mail at colasant@garlandtx.gov.

Call or e-mail for host hotel information.

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